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Brendon Burchard


World’s Leading High Performance Coach (3-time New York Times Best-Selling Author) On Jesse Doubek


"Everyone wanted to work with me on my Facebook page as it was growing, but I wanted to do it myself. Then I hit a plateau and I asked around and I was thankfully introduced to Jesse and Mitch. They get better results on FB ads than anyone I know and they've helped me buy and manage FB pages, get awesome click and like prices, and optimize long-running ads in ways no one else can. I love these guys and you'll learn a ton from them!"

Jack Canfield


Creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul® Series (with over 500 million copies in print worldwide) On Dr. Keerthy Sunder


 "When it comes to peak performance, Keerthy is definitely the go-to man. He knows everything about living life to the fullest!"